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Re: Methuen high school

Methuen high has its own rink , yet they haven\'t won anything in two decades or more . They have four goalies listed on varsity ( who does that?) . The coach is hated by every parent and kid on the team . He dresses a freshman goalie that hasn\'t played a minute of varsity and doesn\'t dress a Jr goalie that started the majority of the games .

How does a staff sit down and agree that this is the correct way for the team to gel and improve?

We\'ll just sit and watch as they s talented bunch of kids get lost again by an egotistical coach collecting more money before he retires.
They\'ve started unproven freshman in front of upperclassmen. Sat kids down without any explanation. Punish one player while never punishing another for the same error. Just goes on and on .
Deplorable and sad .

Methuen has been bad for years because they have no talent. The home grown talent leaves for Central Catholic. In the end it is all about the education. Haverhill has the same problem. They can\'t keep their kids. That is why Winchester and Reading are good year in year out. The talent stays in house because the perception is that the education there is just as good as the education in the Catholic schools.
agreed - Although Haverhill is technically even worse. The Methuen coach at the very least understands the game - the two clowns in Haverhill don't understand even the most rudimentary basics - they should have been gone years ago. Those two coaches have lost more players who left or quit than they've ever inspired.
Ah that's a shame....