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Re: Prep new divisions

Hearing no off campus travel, no hitting and no water bottles. Can’t imagine the split season teams refunding any of the money. Knowing How these guys operate, they will still have the tournament’s just to prevent refunding money. Split season rosters will be changed and teams will take all comers. What a sh**t show it will be. People do not realize how much money these teams make on split season teams. Do the math, it usually adds up to something crazy like costing each player $250 per tnmt. Absolutely foolish.

Re: Prep new divisions

06s just had full games with kids from all states. Why would Fall hockey be any different? Will Jr Hockey happen?

Re: Prep new divisions

Right, and everyone is talking about how foolish that was. Let’s check in with all the attendees in 12 days to see if it was worth it.

Re: Prep new divisions

River Rats tournament with no scouts/ no prep school players just sounds so unappealing. Sorry JC, it’s just bad timing.

Re: Prep new divisions

JC will still write about the kids that are not there!!!! ZERO!!!!