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3v3 tourny at Thayer

Does anyone have any info on what happened this weekend? Was supposed to be a girls militia 3v3 tournament (harrow invite) at Thayer, and the night before apparently some parent got it all cancelled? Games aren't allowed in MA so not sure what the thought was going in to it, but looking to find out details on how it went down does anyone know

Re: 3v3 tourny at Thayer

Just don’t tell anyone

Re: 3v3 tourny at Thayer

Just don’t tell anyone
Well why did they put it on the website then? Lol

Re: 3v3 tourny at Thayer

All those so called “Non Daddy Coaches” don’t have the common sense to wait a week? It should have been the first of many Gong Show Opens ( maybe after July 6th per state guidelines) as the earliest possible date.