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Re: Selects Academy NY

That many SKS U15 kids going to BK? Any of top-4 scorers turning down their juniors opportunities to join them at BK?

Either way, Roco kids should help supplement and they'll probably be the favorites to beat out Jr.Sabres for district title/trip to nationals.

From what I'm hearing, the Nordiques academy will probably be closer to BK, Mount, SKS than BHA will. I think over the long haul though BHA will end up being a good program....will just take them another year or two to get traction nationally.

Outside of New England, same goes for Northstar in MN. They are gaining popularity and will soon be competing with all academies on national level.

Re: Selects Academy NY

That’s just one age group team. What else?
Well the director successfully recruited 9 kids (06) that will be at STX this year.
Nobody Cares 68 not what it used to be.