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Re: Help me understand this??

The Islander\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s try out for the NCDC \\$300.. But no wait, if you are lucky enough to get a call back you can pay another \\$200.
Save yourself some time and just throw \\$500 out the window when you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re on the highway. Everybody gets a call back!
1. Someone has to pay for it to be Free Hockey
2. Prep Hockey coaches promote their kids 100x more than NCDC coaches do
3. College Scouts are more apt to Prep coaches than NCDC coaches
4. Education is better at Prep than anywhere in New England
5. Less Travel with Prep
6. Skate everyday with Prep
7. Off-ice is managed better at Prep
Shall we go on?
8. Rinks are on campus, eliminating travel time.

9. Practices and games are built around the daily academic schedule (some would argue it\\\\\\\'s the other way around). Students RARELY have to miss classes.

10. Colleges know what kind of student they are getting from each Prep School when they admit a student, built on years of ongoing dialogues with the Prep placement offices. That just isn\\\\\\\'t possible with the overwhelmed guidance counselors in each and every public school across the region.

11. Colleges know the student athlete can manage their time already from having done it for four years, and are more independent. Almost all public school student athletes are away from home for the first time, or have finished HS online.

12. Campus life is immeasurably better and more cohesive, with far superior infrastructure.

13. Teams are consistent year-to-year. 20% new players on a Prep team versus 20% returning to an NCDC team.

14. Relationships built while attending Prep school tend to carry well into the future. Networking between alums is far greater. There\\\\\\\'s an \\\\\\\"understanding\\\\\\\" that alums help each other to identify career opportunities, and they aren\\\\\\\'t at Boston Sand and Gravel. Sorry, it\\\\\\\'s true.

I\\\\\\\'ll repeat my original \\\\\\\"condescending\\\\\\\" statement. It\\\\\\\'s naive to compare Prep school to a hockey program. I see it every March - Johnny went through the application process, the coach told him he was in, but he got wait-listed because his grades aren\\\\\\\'t good enough, or we didn\\\\\\\'t get as much money as we thought.

When did hockey get lumped in with academics? Sorry, not dropping big coin on an useless Prep School degree. Ivy League school is not his goal. You should leave the HOCKEY dboard and start an academic dboard. This is the HOCKEY dboard. Do you understand? Or is that off your radar?
So is it just a coincidence that all the best players are from.... wait for it.... Prep school hockey!
More Fake News from you. Nope, not at all.