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Re: Sign the petition to Governor Baker about playing games

what do you do when a player comes back to the bench sucking wind breathing real hard all over the guy sitting next to him, or even his old coach? That's the scenario I don't have an answer for. This is unprotected continued close contact with heavy breathing in a cold environment - you won't find a worse example than that.

I want to get going as much as anyone, but I don't see the on-ice stuff as the problem - the locker room and bench are. What's the answer to that?

There's a lot more than just Covid going around locker rooms, showers, and benches. The answer is to take as many precautions as one can and try to avoid getting spit in your face or sneezed upon. People assume a lot of risks playing youth, or any, hockey... concussions, staph infections, bodily injury, flu, ringworm, etc. Covid can be added to the list of assumed risks, or the player can choose not to play.