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Re: Prep players going to ncdc

I don't get the fighting over what opportunity is better. They are all just that, an opportunity. Shattuck will use Crosby and others to shill its program but those guys were not products of the school, they came to play (were already good). If you are going to prep school to be turned into a dynamic player, you are in the wrong spot. Prep is to help you become a better student athlete. If I was not confident in my kids skill level I would probably pull him from his prep school and look for another spot to get more hockey but I believe it will all shake out. Its like a serious injury in many ways. He will miss games but can train and condition. How many guys do you see that were strong, get injured and then forget how to play? You want to believe that YOUR kid needs the game to develop fine. I never saw a kid become better just playing the game. That is my opinion, nothing more.