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Re: 03 NE Falcons

Whatever happen to those kids, any of them go anywhere? Ran into a guy who was telling me the coach had gotten into all kinds of trouble. I hated driving to Enfield, seemed like another planet
A couple ‘ brick kids” no?
Looking back and thinking about how worked up some of you got about who got picked for THE BRICK. Live and learn I guess.

Re: 03 NE Falcons

A lot of that Brick team was Eagles if I recall. One is with the NDTP. One other has a college commit. I don't think any falcons do. Eagles were the class of the league then. TG and SSK were very competitive.

Re: 03 NE Falcons

1 is committed to UConn playing with my son at Loomis. 1 at Avon, 1 at Cushing, 1 at Brooks, 1 committed for baseball.