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Re: Goalie

I don’t hear about teams needing a goalie. Enlighten me please
If you don't hear about U16 teams needing goalies, then you must be a goalie dad.. But trust me. Behind your back everyone is saying they need goalies.

if you need proof to be enlightened - Here are some of the G/D

EHF Selects:
Top Gun: -20
IHC West: - 20
BJT: - 20
Monarhcs: - 20
Flames White: - 20
Vipers: -24
Crimson -20

95 Giants: - 19
BA: - 19
NJ Titans: - 38

95 Giants: - 42
VJW: - 20
95 Giants: - 18

Re: Goalie

Any mass teams need a U16 goalie
Call the Generals if they haven’t folded yet. Your boy will see 40+ every game