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MIAA vs. Mass Hockey

Club and town hockey have been operating since late Spring / Summer with a mask and now recently no locker rooms, which seems to make sense from a common sense stand point. However, this requirement by MIAA to social distance on a bench (with a mask with no spectators with consents without locker rooms) is WAY OVER THE TOP. Get aligned. Same structure same rules. Adopt Mass Hockey standard. The social distance on the bench and one coach is nuts. This should be reversed. Get with it MIAA. Fix it. Next idea is a hockey game played with social distancing. It will be like table hockey at the arcade with the skater stuck in the lane.

Re: MIAA vs. Mass Hockey

It’s 3 coaches and a trainer

Re: MIAA vs. Mass Hockey

Social distancing on the bench is not new and not just MIAA. All benches are "SUPPOSED" to be socially distant. Try playing at Chase in Natick. 3 players on the bench and 1 coach. The rest of the team down behind the net in the lobby with parents walking by.

Re: MIAA vs. Mass Hockey

my kid just finished up half-season on both a fed and local team and the distancing on the bench didn't actually happen until the last game. A little awkward but the coaches made it work. With HS season I'm not happy with the zero spectator rule. Having limited spectators during youth season resulted in minimal risk and there were no outbreaks as a result that I heard of. Zero spectators seems more a liability rule than for health reasons.

Re: MIAA vs. Mass Hockey

Zero spectator is not an MIAA rule. That is for certain schools, leagues, rinks that decide to have none. Many schools and leagues are allowing some number of spectators. Your AD or principal is telling you it’s the MIAA so you won’t blame them.

Re: MIAA vs. Mass Hockey

After the first weekend of MIAA, looks like teams have completely abandoned the bench separation and other stupidity.

MIAA rules being scrapped(or not enforced) right out of the gate.

What a bunch of worthless bunch of idiots at the MIAA and these schools trying to mandate the garbage they put forth a month ago.

Mass has been playing hockey now for 6 months under Covid restrictions with little to no issues statistically speaking verses other populations. But yeah, lets make them get dressed in the parking lot and put 3 lines in the stands. That'll keep em safe.. :smile: