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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: TOP 20

List is a bit of a waste for this season. Hingham is just playing in the Patriot League which they will own wire-to-wire but leaves out many of the best teams they usually play. I'm sure it's the same with many of the other teams.

Re: TOP 20

Season is a wash anyways. No state tournament - no fans, just a few pickup games to try to say they played some sort of a season. Stinks for the kids.

Re: TOP 20

Saw Joey Mcd put his list out. Not bad...but here is my list...HOW YOU GOT? prob missed some good team

1) ARLINGTON...they have enough to reload?
2) XAVERIAN...deep
3) BCH...see above
4) ST MARYS...tons of returning players
5) CATHOLIC MEMORIAL...still thinking of those 90s teams
6) MC...turning corner
7) FRAMINGHAM...have to replace scoring from top player
8) WOBURN...lots of fire power returning
9) ST JOHSN S...too far W to know
10) CENTRAL CATHOLIC...should be better than last yr
11) ST JOHNS PREP...prep lost lots of players, might b too high here
12) AP...disappointing last yr
13) READING...young, lost top Dmen
14) town moving down
15) BURLINGTON...see Framingham but goalie is back
16) CANTON...should move to d1
17) NATICK...coming off strong yr
18) player in miaa?
19) TEWKSBURY...hope they keep their nick name
20) WALPOLE...big surprise last yr, no idea who they have coming back

out: LS, Dux (both lacrosse towns first), BF (they are a Catholic school), Chelmsford, anyone else?

Catholics get favored as they should recruiting from across multiple towns
Wait a minute, Catholic schools recruits from other towns? Wow, shocking development because I thought that was a major "No, No" by the MIAA. No way the MIAA is turning a blind eye to this either, right?

Re: TOP 20

Looking at the Catholic schools, they dont recruit , none of them will be better than the publics this season...parents choose the schools for education, just happens some decent hockey players choose that route over Prep or town. As well as the entire student body is male so there are a lot more possible players, making them deeper than most town schools.
For what its worth, SJP and MC will be brutal this season.

Re: TOP 20

catholic school education is no better than public school and to say they recruit is a joke. Talented hockey players go there for a year then leave, or skip all together for prep. I would love to see the top rank public team play CM, BCH, X, etc. It would be evenly matched. Those programs get worse year after year.

Re: TOP 20

L O L ..