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Re: U15 FS

Hi All, It is first time trying to help navigate this space with my son.

My son is currently an 8th grade, U14 Tier 1 player (USA definition, not Fed), 1st line forward, on a mid-level team.

His current club is half season only for U15, and he has concerns about the quality of the High School hockey he will get next year.

Are there competitive Full Season U15 teams, and if so, can anyone tell me how to identify them (I can only successfully google those teams in the USPHL such as the Islanders / Cyclones, which are far away from where we live in Norfolk county)?

If there are only U16 full season teams, other than those U15s mentioned above, do any have development teams where U15s are actively sought, our is it best just to try out for the U16 teams?

Thanks in advance
Look to an academy team - several to choose from that will provide quality skills and games at a third of the cost of prep
a third of prep cost.

a tenth of prep education.

Academy's are for kids that think they have a chance at hockey and have zero chance at anything else in life.

They hate school and parents think that being taught by their hockey coach upstairs from the ice service is sufficient.

Not saying it isn't an option for some kids, but if a kid can handle prep academically and athletic wise, then do that. Yea prep maybe 60. Money better spent than 20 to have the same guy teach him game systems, skills, English and poly sci.

Re: U15 FS

What about matignon and Boston hockey academy. Tuition is bit more but half of prep, more hockey and better academics than most publics. Why do you need to go to prep to play high-end hockey. Could be a good model for the more focused hockey player who still wants to go to college if hockey doesn’t work out