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Re: Arlington / Woburn

Anybody else watch this? It was was like watching the Arlington Woburn Bantam B game. All the talent is GONE. Top forward left for prep. Arlington won’t make the super 8 for at least 4 years. Woburn may have a shot if certain guys decide to pass
Your stupid!
You're stupid!

Re: Arlington / Woburn

Both teams are rotten bad.

Re: Arlington / Woburn

And there is no super 8 tournament this year

Re: Arlington / Woburn

Say what you want but these teams have played more games than 99% of our Prep friends in MA!

Re: Arlington / Woburn

A-Town got ROCKED again.

Maybe it’s time to start playing Revere, Somerville, Everett and Chelombia 2 times a year each like the Ed Burns days to safe face.

This group looks rough.