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Re: Playing time

You know how parents complain about ice time, imagine your kid played for Team Canada Jrs and did not touch the ice once. The last minute of the game I thought the commentators were making names up but nope they are on the roster and played a total of 47 seconds. Mom and Dad must be steamed.
I'm sure we don't have the full story. Its an honor to be selected on the team in the first place. The other 300 kids that have put in years of hard work who did not make the team would be happy to be sitting on the bench getting any ice time at the highest level. Now what we don't know is if someone is slightly injured, effort in practice was not what coach was looking for, perhaps they didn't observe "lights out" rule. We don't know, but one thing for certain is they made the team and they are leaving with at least a silver medal and I am certain their parents are very proud!
If my kid was even close to making team U.S.A. I would be ecstatic