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Re: Congrats

Me and the boys want to offer congrats to the little 04s and 05s that are going to try and take our spots. Remember, we don’t care who your daddy or uncle or grandfather played for, you are not going to take our spots on any team that calls later today, your not good enough yet and we still own you, we will crush you over and over again.
Bunch of 02 and 03 players way better and harder than your punk a s s
Imagine being a dad and typing this.

I'm sure your wife is just as disappointed with herself as you. Embarrassing.
You DO know that kids wanted in here from time to time. this obviously was one of those times.

Now who's embarrassed?
Wow, so you think some 17/18 year old came on the D board to post about anonymous younger kids coming to take their spots, and not some dad with low self esteem. ok pal.

Get with the times, this is not the forum, and that is not the manner in which 17/18 year olds communicate.

And if it were, any upperclassmen with confidence that they are not losing their spot doesn't have to take to a message board to anonymously say so.

I am embarrassed. I am embarrassed for you
Yeah man, get with the times! You told em, and then hit em with the embarrassment! Your a fking savage!