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Anon is an '04 forward but the 05 "NTDP Lock" is getting all of the press. Keep that PR machine rolling dad!

Feel bad for the older kids there, clearly the coach has moved on from them with no championship to play for...
Kinda what I thought too. Time to see what next year looks like


I heard best D man was an 06!
Ya mean an 05 Forward?
Pump the break boys.

I am sure the 05's/06' are good but they need to show it vs. the big boys. Playing teams made up of town kids playing and mixing in kids from different preps is one thing but playing Prep Schools that will be practicing together for a few weeks is another.

If these 05's are that good they would have played prep last year. There some 05's last year that did and some 04's played as 8th graders before that.


Instead of arguing over if Dexter is playing inferior club teams or how good their 05s are, ISL Dads need to band together and talk with your ISL headmasters, Boards and donors. We are the paying customer to the tune of $50k per year and the risk of playing is low to nil. Dexter along with MIAA high schools and many others now are proving it. If we let the ISL headmasters club group decide, they will take the absolutely no risk route every time.
These kids need to play.
Isl starts league play next week


Didn't they play yesterday?

What was the score?
7-3 v NS wings
10-0 v jr warriors