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Best Summer Leagues

With the shortened high school hockey season, My sophomore is looking to get into a summer league. What are the best summer leagues around for a CC varsity level player.

Re: Best Summer Leagues

Saugus over 30 league is my recommendation. Tons of Hardo's going high glass in warmups and pulling backhand toe drags all game.

Re: Best Summer Leagues

Is there such a thing any more?

Last place I saw a summer league was out of Foxboro. Not sure it still exists, though. Knuckle-dragging MIAA kids carried their HS grudges to it, without the threat of suspension.

Re: Best Summer Leagues

Go to Midwest or do skills

Re: Best Summer Leagues

Go to Midwest or do skills
Skills and going hard in the gym...act accordingly...

Re: Best Summer Leagues


Re: Best Summer Leagues

Skills is great when you actually get to put those skills to use in a game. Our town hockey program shutdown for January. I would be good to get some games in this summer.

CC - Will have summer league largely made up of 9th & 10th
Foxboro - has a summer league unsure of the quality