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Re: Privilege again....

Wait what
anon a
Town of Saugus big uptick in the Coronavirus. Northeastern in Quarantine. MC Lancers canceled games this weekend due to Corona. Screw it, let’s go Eagles and play BA on Sunday in Wellesley? Same as with the Kings selfish coach. Give the kid a weekend of and don’t endanger the rest of the hockey world.
\\\"Northeastern in Quarantine\\\"

Cite please, was there last night --- no quarantine.
Maybe the prior poster meant Northeast Regional Voke - very nearby?
HE canceled season schedule and went to weekly scheduling due to frequency of postponements. And Northeastern Mens\' team has no games scheduled for the coming week. Sounds like a COVID shut down to me.
Yes, Northeastern University Hockey team had a outbreak. Coach was quoted on twitter a few days ago saying they are doing virtual workouts, film, and some other activities to keep the players sharp while they are in quarantine
OP went from the TOWN of Saugus to (apparently) the Northeastern HOCKEY team.
Big difference between a hockey team and the entire university.
Everyone understood that, except you.

Re: Privilege again....

I’m going to send help. You sound very nervous. Lock the doors and close the windows. Let’s get ready to eat the dog if necessary. 99.8% recovery.

If your a geezer stay home. The rest of us have lives to live.