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Re: u18 games this past weekend

Huh. You mean the kid who played AAA hockey, then prep, then NAHL, then D1college? Idiot.

If your kid is an 02 playing anything but USHL, sorry, but not getting looks by D1 and definitely not the NHL.

If your kid is an 03 and playing U18, same, but they may have a shot on a D3 team

Well I have an 02 playing NCDC and has a D1 commitment, his team has multiple 01, 02 and 03's that have D1 commitments- so I guess you are wrong? There are also 02,03 playing prep hockey that have D1 commitments and are on the NHL watch list, so I guess your theory is debunked, try again?

Re: u18 games this past weekend

Hey Stats Dad. Let’s see how the boy does in the big leaugues. Little cupcake wasn’t good enough to go to Midwest and you are a helicopter daddy. Still upset from getting cut from the Kings? FYI, you got cut, not the kid!