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Re: U16 FS

Pretty sure they are fillins for injury or other reasons.

Re: U16 FS

I've been curious about this as I look into this path for my bender. When you look on the USPHL website the majority of these teams list 24-28 players with some only seeing a game or 2, granted the official league games they were tracking on the site are minimal due to pandemic. Is this just a case of kids filling in due to injury or HS starting and regular players trying to do both and not showing so alternates are needed? Are these kids signed as alternates or just kids looking for games? I've looked at livebarn and seen teams with some pretty short benches compared to the roster listings on usphl site or eliteprospects.
Lots of those kids will be unsure at start of season what their high school season will look like.

You will see kids who know they are leaving for high school and coach knows too but still wants them.

You will see kids who didn’t plan on leaving realize that their high school teams are better than the full season team even though dad was told high school
Hockey is dead. And leave

You will see kids who planned on leaving stay after realizing their school team is pretty bad.

You will see kids who signed up as a backup plan if they didn’t make varsity. Or you will see kids who signed up knowing they didn’t have a chance at varsity and them make it.

So you end up with large rosters. And end up short handed during school season when kids are doing both.

Roster will be 25 and you will play games with 10 or 11 at some point during year.