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Re: Hockey "Academies"?

a decent alternative to paying $60k to play hockey. I get getting a prep education is great, but why does high level hockey need to be prep. It looks like the Boston Hockey academy was pretty decent in comparison in their first year. Looks like the academics are decent since its matignon.

Re: Hockey "Academies"?

They actually got to play games this year as opposed to most preps that might have gotten in 6-8 games if any at all.
Much talk about prep players looking to move there next year as schools will be locked down again.

Re: Hockey "Academies"?

Matignon ok - but sounds like some are online school only.

Re: Hockey "Academies"?

And like every kid in the country Online school was the the education in 2020! When COVID20 Hits it will all start again

Re: Hockey "Academies"?

What's up with these hockey academies like Boston Hockey Academy, North Shore Academy, etc. How many can the region accommodate. There are only so many quality players to go around. They are promising lots of ice a FS schedule including Beast. But where are they getting their players....aren't they competing with the Preps for the same players?
Yes they're competing with Preps, but from a huge drawing pool. Remember, most of these Academies have boarding, so their #1 target demo for recruiting is non-traditional hockey markets and families who believe their kid can't get better staying home.

Families that are considering BelHill, Milton, Dexter, etc. are likely not also considering BHA, North Shore, etc. Academics aside, it's partially b/c they also know they have split-season as a legitimate exposure option, and they know it's an easy recruiting drive from a bunch of colleges.

While BHA, North Shore, and even Mount and South Kent are looking mostly south and west for kids. The academies' business model counts on all those families from FL, TX, CA, AZ, DC and elsewhere. There are enough hockey parents in non-traditional markets to populate 20 new academies in New England, as long as they're run by a guy/staff with a decent pedigree for development and advancement.

Parents of good-to-elite players will always be attracted to A) the prospect of NOT having to drive an hour + to hockey practice, and B) the prospect of their kid playing down the street from 20ish D1 and 30ish D3 schools. I'm sure there's more to the pitch, but those 2 things are huge, especially if you're not looking for a top-shelf HS academic experience.

And Academies will never have problems finding parents of average-to-good players to fill in the bottom third of their rosters and pay full-boat. In part b/c of the above hooks, and also because they're happy to be asked, and be a part of a perceived big deal.