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Re: PHL Trading Deadline

C.O.V.I.D. Protocols = Z.E.R.O with the P.H.L. This thing will be a super spreader by the 3rd week and shut down. If you are doing it, try to pay weekly. A bunch of 17/18 year olds, living all over the place, skating and going out together everyday/night for 2 weeks will lead to at least a few cases and then contact tracing will shut it down. Although, I bet more than 1/2 have already had it so there might be a chance but for those that haven't yet you should ask them about testing protocols.

Re: PHL Trading Deadline

I was so wrong! I never thought they would put 4 teams of players together! I never thought this many parents would make their kids miss an entire spring semester at school to play pickup hockey. I know some said no but there are multi sport athletes in this group who are going all in on this being their golden ticket for hockey. Lots of pressure for this to be successful, and if it is successful, keep a close eye on next year, if prep schools don’t play again next year, there will be the biggest demand for this league and probably more like 8-10 teams of us parents willing to pay!