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Re: MA Teams at Natty's?

True but does anyone really care? It’s hockey. I get it high level. All these boys play high end fall and prep winter. Three games in April in the middle of hell is just ok. Lots of money, miss school. So over hyped. Oh right still a pandemic with hospitalizations and deaths.

Re: MA Teams at Natty's?

Right I have a creative solution. Let’s get vaccinated before traveling to ebf for a hockey tournament.

Re: MA Teams at Natty's?

Should not be allowed to go simply because he called them “ NATTYS” . Sounds almost as stupid when he says “TOURNEYS”.

Re: MA Teams at Natty's?

or when someone uses the term "elite"

Re: MA Teams at Natty's?

So if some of the teams are missing do they call it "Natty Light"?