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Truth about Transfer Portal, 5th year eligible

Any coaches out there have some input on this will effect current players at the 03/04 level. I saw a glimpse of the list of the 250 players in the portal, many being goaltenders, many seem to be attempting to leave a lesser team in hopes of filling a spot on more prominent team. Just seems like it wont be as bad as people are making it out to be for the 03/04 age groups as they are 2-3 years out from cracking a roster.
Do you think it will help the higher end D3 schools land some of these bubble recruits? Would like to hear a coaches prospective.

Re: Truth about Transfer Portal, 5th year eligible

Great questions but no coaches on here, just angry parents.

Re: Truth about Transfer Portal, 5th year eligible

Re: Truth about Transfer Portal, 5th year eligible

If a 5th year player stays with the same program the scholarship doesn't count towards the 18 limit but many schools are telling coaches that they can't expand their budget so if they want to keep a scholarship player, they have to fund it from their existing budget. This is going to limit how many 5th year seniors or grad transfers actually find a home. You have to be an impact player. If you are leaving one place because you didn't get playing time, not sure anyone else will pick that player up to fill the same role. For goalies since most schools only play one, a lot of backups have nothing to lose by transferring and hopefully finding a place to get some playing time. So while the portal might be full, I don't think all that many will actually transfer unless they are going to pay full tuition.