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Re: NEHJ cover PHL

It was great!

Check them out on Twitter, they post about it every now and then.
Well if its on Twitter it must be good! My son told us last night that there were a lot of no shows?

Re: NEHJ cover PHL

Correct and no names on jerseys. It is what it is guys, it's a skills session and there will be plenty more after June 1 so no panic if your son was at lacrosse practice. Just please tell me the " you need to play other sports" guys didn't have their kids there? Seems that a lot of the USA hockey guys have gone on record preaching this but inevitably their kids tend to make it to these events.

Re: NEHJ cover PHL

But my kid was drafted! How can these just be skills and scrimmages? He was DRAFTED, they said his name on Instagram Live!