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Re: Judging good D

CT Huskies moms know good D when they see it.

Re: Judging good D

Just Sayin'
Funny how - \\\"Stay at home D are easier to find\\\" but at most levels it\\\'s what wins games. Solid, predictable, sturdy D who make a good first pass.

The risk taking, offensive minded, weak in their own end is fun to watch but the last thing you want on your youth-to-college team. The only thing that saves them in college and pros is to be paired with a good defensive defensemen and a very good goalie - think: Torey Krug.

the more they say 'the game has changed' the more you realize some parts never do.
No one said it stay at home D are not important. What was said was that they are easier to find. Big difference.

Re: Judging good D

Listen to what Bourque and Pothier say. Someone that will make a tape to tape pass to get out of the zone besides the other intangibles. Also +/- is getting a bit anitquated with advanced statistics similar to MLB W/L for pitches