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Re: What team

Bantam Major AAA year - does it really matter which National team in the AYHL we chose? Not looking for planes trains and automobiles just yet....and boy plays another sport just as competitively. Catching flak bcuz we chose the lower ranked team that’s closer to home, less money and blah blah....just truthful answers please, no insults. Sanx!
You made the right decision for your family. But now you want input from others ?

If you want to be able to tell other parents that everyone is telling you that you made the right decision and it doesn’t matter. Let me know.

I will post that fifteen times for you.

Re: What team

Absolutely does not matter

Re: What team

Thank you!
Needed to hear that!

Re: What team

If all logistical things are equal - go where there's the best coaching. You can usually figure that out pretty easily w/ AY clubs.
Coaching/practices = development at that age. Better to be on the ice than in the car.