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Re: No “super 8”

With no super 8 tourney beginning this year how will season play out ?
I take it divisions will be the same but how would playoffs work ?
Top ( how many teams ) play single elimination?
CC teams Would face each other or is it just based on wins and losses to get in ?
Would their be different groups playing in the garden with a final state champion or will it be a champion for division 1, 2, 3 ?
No one cares. High school hockey is irrelevant with the Super 8 gone.

Re: No “super 8”

The people paid to protect and keep high school hockey going are the same one's who just dealt the final blow to killing what were once strong town programs that could compete and win in the "super 8". The MIAA is chock full of asshats and former nobody's that are completely out of touch with reality. Suspending the Super 8 for the next 5 years is only pushing talent to the catholic schools but more importantly to the for-profit "junior" programs that are a cash cow at that level. Can't knock the programs for taking advantage of the opportunity to promote their program and sell the dream to a ton of high school kids and parents. Great job MIAA