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Re: ISL - Keller vs. Eberhart

I would argue that it makes little difference (the school I mean). Prep hockey is not where you go to get developed. The games are 1 to 2 lines fighting eachother and other kids sprinkled in. Practices are a mixed bag and only a small part of a coaches day. Good schools are good because of how generous they are to pure hockey playing men.

Education and experience are what we looked at and a chance to play consistently on a bench that is not 5 lines deep.
I have seen good players at plenty of schools and the fact one or two come from one schools and 10 come from another says nothing about the program other than their ability to get guys to comit who were already on their way.

Guys come from all over and every parent is looking for that magic program or person. The only one that matters is your kid. Talent and work ethic, simple.