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Re: Prep Cup

Referring to it as a TOURNEY sounds so idiotic

Re: Prep Cup

Sorry-A series on mini games consisting of talented hockey players

Re: Prep Cup

They had packets with rosters and sheets available. Easy to determine who is who. Rolled the dice on a tourney and it paid. Good talent.
St. Mary’s coach trying to poach AP kids off 06 MA team. Clown show.

Re: Prep Cup

That comment is amusing.

Folks complain if coach’s / scouts are not present and this jerk is complaining about someone doing exactly what they are supposed to be there to do.

Apparently his bender was not one of the ones being “poached.” (AKA - offered and an alternate opportunity to consider.)


Re: Prep Cup

Are there a lot of scouts at this tourney?
For what? Were there some talented kids playing, YES. Where there a bunch of kids playing just to fill a roster ABSOLUTELY. I love how some bill this as the top talent. Not even close. Still it was hockey and it was fun.