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Re: Foxboro Prep League

"These are just my raw observations taken from my scout’s notebook- this is not intended to rank or project players, but should be taken in the context of instant analysis of summer hockey" what does this even mean?

Re: Foxboro Prep League

It means that he was sent to watch a pickup hockey game and he made sure he had a list of the names that were playing that he has heard of and he was scratching down a few blurbs about those names. Nothing more. Safe bet if there are names at an event that he has read about already and commenting on these names will make him look like he has a keen eye for talent. Simple. Safe bet. I have a hard time understanding how some of these kids have traveled the world for youth hockey yet they are still considered to be new to the seen or a surprise talent These trips started in Mites. Caught bits of both games, man he must have been distracted to write what he wrote.

Re: Foxboro Prep League

If kids skate and no one posts about it, did it even happen?