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Re: Midget split season rosters

Natty host better restock the nutty buddy’s.

Re: Midget split season rosters

Must be talking VJW!!! This has been there MO the last few years. Brings kids from multiple teams to make it look like they are stacked then those kids don't show unless they lose a bunch of games then they beg for the kids that used to play to come back for free to win a few games.
Why single out the VJW team? Yes everyone knows whats going on over there but same can be said for all other orgs in the U15 level. Butthurt much? Kid regulated to playing town again? :laughing:

Re: Midget split season rosters

More emails out to unsuspecting customers today. Thank you for your business, your son will be playing in the competitive showcase divsion this split season.