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Re: Advisor recommendation

My experience has been that, if you kid is good enough, they dont need an advisor. When you say "Navigate" that typically tells you right there. The hockey world is full of nepotism and buddys, advisors make their living off that. The very
What an advisor will do for your kid is find them a place to play, when no one is looking for them (maybe). You will pay around 5 to 6,000 for that. My point being that decisions are easy to make if you are good enough. Here are the D1 schools interested in me and I like this campus and this coach and so on. Same goes for D3, and so on. These coaches will most likely set your kid up with jr teams to play for etc. I dont see why they would be necessary unless you are not hearing what you want to hear from people. I would say be patient, dont waste your money. All showcases are games and reps but not exposure so if you are there for that, forget it. If your kid works hard and plays well it will work itself out.