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U14 half and HS fall sports

Just wondering if anyone else has any experience with their kid playing a fall HS sport and U14 half season at the same time. My kid was planning on playing a fall sport, with the assumption U14 practices would be at night. Lo and behold, one U14 practice per week is smack in the middle of the afternoon. No way to do both on that day and with the MIAA rules, he'd have to skip U14 practice every week. He has a legit chance of making varsity as a freshman in the fall sport (as a backup) and it could very well be the sport he plays in college (if he plays a sport in college).

We can't be the only family around that's had this dilemma....

Re: U14 half and HS fall sports

Club isn't going to schedule around HS sports, your son's team is basically getting an afternoon ice time that disappears for the club when the HS hockey season starts, after the U14 season ends. Not much of a dilemma since you already paid. Can't make practice, no big deal for one-practice-per week U14 level. And don't give up the other sport for that, the eight ice hockey practices are unlikely to make a difference for HS hockey season. The MIAA rules are pretty much unbendable, but maybe he'll get a few rainouts.