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Re: Recent commitment tweets

No matter how many years this goes on, it is the same angry reactoin. If you need to come on here and bash its because you would run over your own mother to have your kid offered a comitment from a D1 school. It is 100% accurate and proven that a very low % of these kids ever end up playing for the schools they comit to. Based on what they are being told, no kid will come in and play at a D1 school as a freshman either. At 15, they have up to 8 years before their skates will ever possibly touch the ice on a D1 rink. A lot can happen over that time. Why do it? Its free advertising. NCAA is trying to attract good hockey players to its product. They want to show these schools giving away free rides and keeping the interest. In Canada if kids choose the OHL, they lose the ability to play NCAA, its a big reason why there are 1,000 rounds to the OHL draft. Why not lock in as many kids as you can, it costs you nothing. So in all of this your kid is not selected as one of the crazy amount. That just means they have to keep working and all that work may not result in them ever being able to tweet anything, what a loss right? You could spend a ridiculous amount of money trying to get your kid "noticed" and you will and they will be in the exact same spot either way. By the way, so will the kids with comitments. Relax, enjoy watching your kid play the game. Realize no one in this world cares about your kid other than you so no one is happy for their successes. Its the facebook generation man, my advice, close your accounts and focus on yourself.