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Re: commitments

Just sayin
Looking at the commitments this summer and I\\\'m curious why kids who are going D3 are better players then the D1 connected kids. I mean, have you watched these kids play? They do not deserve D1 roster spots at all, and will most likely not even make it, yet the kids who are working hard, developing and taking over games are barely getting D3 looks. WTF is going on!
Yep, because D1 coaches don\'t care about winning. God, it never ends. Hockey parents are just the....
You seriously think these kids mentioned are keys to winning a hockey game? Have you watched a D1 Hockey game? Ever? If you cant see over the dasher in college, chances are you are not contributing at that level. If you aren't the best forward on your summer league team, you are not contributing at that level, can you wake the F up and just see what is going on here? Why do you think teams have 20 commits, because 1/2 were deals for friends, the other half are international players who will actually make the team. Hope those boys have a good tailor because they will need lots of suites for 4 years.
D1 in NHL v D3 in NHL. STOP with the dibble.

Oh wait now you want to claim the owners like Jacobs tosses HIS money to 'never will be's'.