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Finally some good journalism by KL! Solid article on the top 03s in prep this year that they have viewed at a summer tournament but is by no means the complete list or meant to be used as a ranking. So it’s just names you saw at a summer tournament. Got it! Good work! Where do we sign up for these interesting and specific reports! Tell me more about the players you saw! This is exactly why New England scouting is so bad. This guy is considered a “scout”
The NEHJ sports reporters are the most reliable hockey sources in New England. Often sought out for evaluations and advice by USHL, BCHL, NCAA, WHL, OHL and even NHL teams.
NZ is THE only source you need. No one from the leagues mentioned gives the time of day to the NEHJ.
Phew! My kid is a 3.75 on NZ! So your saying there’s a chance!


They pay very little attention to NZ now also. They lost alot credibility with their "PHL".

They are promoting the same group of chosen kids as NEHJ.


If College coaches cant rely on NEHJ or NZ then how will these 22 year old assistant coaches make their quota of names?