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Re: Anyone know?

Why would any kid commit to a college before getting a taste of Jr Hockey? I just don't get it? Parents, relax, no need to lose sleep if your kid is not committed yet. Also remember, once he commits other schools stop watching him. Nothing worse than loosing your commitment and then no spots available.

If your kid is that good and going to actually play at a D1 school, there will be more schools interested over time. Why not wait and have a list of schools to pick from later?

Please don't tell me "the school will just move on to the next kid". Again if your kid is that good and is actually going to play at the D1 level, they will take your commitment whenever you give it. If it's later, they will just bump someone off the list when it comes time.

Re: Anyone know?

If it was a bad thing to be an early commit then why the absolute rush for the legacy kids to get that college icon next to their name asap. As others have said, it opens way more doors than it shuts.

Re: Anyone know?


Re: Anyone know?

I'll take those odds.