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Re: Prep ?

Much like how many girls people slept with everyone will come on here and inflate numbers or tell you their kid was this "must have" talent that the school threw money at. Ask yourself this first, if the kid was that good, why prep? yes education is good but lots of private highschools and ability to play on USNDTP etc most to all wont pass that up. What you have at prep are a lot of hype kids who were not good enough, got to go to a natty camp, played at some big name tourneys maybe, etc, etc,. Why I mention this is they are a dime a dozen, tons and tons of what I will call "good enough" players. These schools have boards of directors and and other sports all competing for $$. Big schools with big endowments can be more generous but it comes down to a calculation. smaller schools will only have 1 or 2 players they can offer large aid to which are typically guys not quite ready for jr hockey who need the aid to make it work.

My advice is yes 100% dont be scared off by the sticker shock, but no matter how good you think your kid is, be prepared to have to stretch to make it work. Remember they are feeding them, providing tutoring resources, boarding them, entertaining them, assisting them with test prep and college couselling (including them having the rep of the school behind them) and providing 3 sports for them to play at almost no cost other than a few inceidentals). To me if regular price is 70k and you end up paying 20 or 30k you are still getting a hell of a deal. These places were once reserved only for the rich.
I guess I should have clarified as my response to the OP was for my daughter who attends prep.

Re: Prep ?

Prep hockey isn't worth the cost of admission. Save the money and put it towards college, if the kid is any good (at any team he is on) send him out to the Midwest for a summer camp at one of the USHL teams and see if he gets noticed. If he doesn't get noticed he's looking at local Jr. anyway post high school.

Re: Prep ?

Right because a kid that goes to prep only goes there for the 10 weeks that they play hockey at the school. No other reason to attend a prep. Gotcha, Enjoy the midwest

Re: Prep ?

Ohhhhh, you meant to post over at the 'College Admission DBoard'. This is the Hockey DBoard.

Re: Prep ?

Oh my bad, was confused. Just text me though when my car is ready. Same as usual, use synthetic. Let me check e college admissions site, I will tell you about it when I grab my car from you. Call the detail guy as well.

Re: Prep ?

guy makes 45k in the hockey industry.. if he works harder at dboard might make 60k next year. would be better off a jiffy lube lol