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Re: What is going on

Major Division 1 college hockey, like Hockey East, has basically become a glorified version of the old semi-pro leagues or the IHL and East Coach Hockey League. The best players skip on by or have a cup of coffee in the league and move on the NHL and other pro leagues. And the hockey has become quite boring relative to the excitement of what college hockey once was. Would college football be as exciting with 23-24 year old players rather than the true freshmen and sophomores that shine every year? I don't think so. Does the student body get amped up to watch Uncle Ed play? Certainly, not like they once did when the players were truly student peers.

Re: What is going on

What I don't understand is how come we see all of these players committed but no goalies. Are goalies in prep just that bad?

Re: What is going on

Only a few spots for goalies. No sense comitting a ton of them. Probably the only position where they actually wait and comit when it really means something. Lots of forwards and D becasue only a couple will filter through and actually end up playing D1.

Re: What is going on

Here we go with the hockey dads of New England disparaging Atlantic hockey programs because there kids can’t get a D1 look. Sorry your kid is playing Premier. Get a life. Any kid who makes D 1 in this environment deserves a pat on the back.