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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Prep ?

Prep hockey isn't worth the cost of admission. Save the money and put it towards college, if the kid is any good (at any team he is on) send him out to the Midwest for a summer camp at one of the USHL teams and see if he gets noticed. If he doesn't get noticed he's looking at local Jr. anyway post high school.

Re: Prep ?

Right because a kid that goes to prep only goes there for the 10 weeks that they play hockey at the school. No other reason to attend a prep. Gotcha, Enjoy the midwest

Re: Prep ?

Ohhhhh, you meant to post over at the 'College Admission DBoard'. This is the Hockey DBoard.

Re: Prep ?

Oh my bad, was confused. Just text me though when my car is ready. Same as usual, use synthetic. Let me check e college admissions site, I will tell you about it when I grab my car from you. Call the detail guy as well.

Re: Prep ?

guy makes 45k in the hockey industry.. if he works harder at dboard might make 60k next year. would be better off a jiffy lube lol