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Re: U18 Half season - PHL vs. FED

Son plays on a non-elite U16 team in the FED. Been with them for two years and while not a terrible experience it seems a little stagnant. Has friends who play for similar teams in the PHL and made a mention of possibly switching next year. He'll be going into U18 and I'm wondering if there is much difference in quality of play, etc. between the PHL and FED at the mid-level? He's a solid high school player but not college or prep bound.
PHL and Fed are not good hockey at the u18 level.

Have him stay with his same team or play with his high school buddies as been said.

Re: U18 Half season - PHL vs. FED

PHL is weak-

Midget Select Fed is decent at U-18

Re: U18 Half season - PHL vs. FED

Good luck in the Fed's half season league playoffs at U16 & U18 levels - should be fun, competitive, and a nice way to wrap up the end of the half season.