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NE Prep School website

My son is playing for a MA prep school for the first year. I am looking for a good resource with team schedules, team rosters, and stats. I don't care much about reports or writers opinions. Is USHR the best option? Neutral Zone or NEHJ? Is there any other options for this information. Schedules, Rosters, Stats.

Re: NE Prep School website

USHR is most updated but it is a pay site for rosters, stats. You can see some free stuff such as playoff predictions, team ratings.

NZ is okay but is not used by everyone so stats are misleading.

Nothing else I'm aware of.

Re: NE Prep School website

USHR seems to be the only one that stays updated for what you are looking for. The others are more article driven based on who they like, who they know, who they represent, etc..If your going to spend the money USHR makes the most sense.

Re: NE Prep School website

Agreed. Provides accurate stats and game recaps. None of the bias you see on NEHJ or NZ.