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Anyone else?

Great to have our son home from prep school for a little break. Had a heart to heart with him today that if by the end of the season he does not have any interest from D1 College, USHL, NAHL coaches then its time to move on and go to college. He is determined to continue playing and I hope he does, but after watching some D3 hockey with him over the past week it doesn't make sense to put life on hold for a shot to play D3. Anyone else have the same conversation with their kids? Am I really the only one? The tipping point was watching St. Michael play Amherst College online yesterday, just bad hockey, maybe we need to watch some better teams, any suggestions?

Re: Anyone else?

Agree, D-3 hockey isn't all that great. Fairly disappointing outside of a few top programs.

I'd say follow his academic interests first and if a specific D-3 college fits his interests / major field of study then pursue the school & team.

At this point the #1 hope is to use hockey as a lever to get into a better than otherwise obtainable without hockey.

#2 would be to find a 'good fit' school that would require the least amount of Jr. hockey and play at least for a couple years to get the career of interest and build some life long friendships.

#3 would be to ditch the whole 'hockey first' and find the perfect fit reach school and play club hockey.

Chasing the dream, playing two years of Jrs. and getting accepted to play at some less than optimal school D-3 school is a waste for everyone.

Re: Anyone else?

Your son has his entire life ahead of him, putting off college for a year or two isn't going to have much of an impact on his lifetime earnings. I haven't seen updated stats in a year or two but average age of commitment was just shy of 19, so plenty of players his age are still looking for that next opportunity. If his advisor or even his current coach is telling him to move on, it would make sense to hang them up, otherwise let him chase the dream for a year.

As for D-III, yes go watch some other games unless you one of those schools was your kids top choice.

Re: Anyone else?

I’d say time to call chasing the dream over! It was a blast, now time to move on.

Re: Anyone else?

I agree, we are doing the same thing. My son is going to be 19 in February, playing his PG year, if he only has tier 3 interest at the end of the season he is going to school and playing club. I have to give the kid credit though, he is already getting some buzz around him. May also help that he grew 4" in 6 months.

Re: Anyone else?

There is very good D3 hockey

Look at Trinity, Adrian, Utica, UMass Boston’s

Big picture : if you can get into any high end NESCAC
Take it and run.
Enjoy the ride
Enjoy the hockey
It will be over in a blink.

Re: Anyone else?

Some of you crack me up. What's the rush? What the heck is the harm playing an extra year of juniors if they want to? Will their life be worse for graduating a year later? I don't get it.

BTW I pla*** D3 years ago, and D3 is so much better now than it was back then, its not even close. Be happy if your kid is good enough to actually play at that level, whatever age.
Happy Thanksgiving.