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Number of verbal commitment 2023 (04 kids)

Harvard has 14 verbal commitments for the 2023 Grade Year (04 kids). Disappointment to come? Why so many?

Re: Number of verbal commitment 2023 (04 kids)

Maybe they are going to add a second team! :laughing:

Re: Number of verbal commitment 2023 (04 kids)

Most won't get it. No sports scholarships and still have to get admitted... More than half of those 04's will end up with a PG year or community college..

Re: Number of verbal commitment 2023 (04 kids)

This is the exact reason D3 is a much more appealing choice for the average athlete not getting NHL scouts attention. He we are going to verbally commit to you but you need to do 2 years in the BCHL and then we might have room for you, but maybe not.

Re: Number of verbal commitment 2023 (04 kids)

D3 Dad - "This is the exact reason D3 is a much more appealing choice for the average athlete..."

These aren't 'average athletes.'

D3 is a ticket to keep playing a game you love before the beer league - that's it.

The school still picks you, Jr.s still required in most cases, often marginal schools, most campuses treat it as an intermural sport, little support, huge time commitment, very few fans showing up to see the novelty of the sport.

There is no comparison to being good enough to play D1, being recruited to play, going to a first rate college, having a degree from a college that is recognizable nationwide, having fans in the stands, being supported by the school and playing D1 hockey.

There is more to 'college hockey' than hanging with the bros at the Hockey House and crushing beers

Re: Number of verbal commitment 2023 (04 kids)

A verbal commitment means nothing more than an unbinding handshake that other D1 coaches will stop recruiting you. Advisors or whoever can work the backlines if you think there are better options and there are no penalties to decommiting on both sides. NLI signing locks it in for 2 years. (you can defer 1 year if not ready and play jrs.). All that means is you are locked in to step foot on ice and get your $$$ if that was in the NLI. Once you sign NLI you can not just de'co your self. If somehow you kill it during your time in the USHL, NAHL, BCHL, AJHL, etc and get noticed by a better school or hockey opportunity, you have to hit the transfer portal to make an official move. (I think you get 1 move without a penalty) Not sure how complicated this goes but I know 2 kids that have completed this process. At the same time I know 5+ 02 kids this year playing jrs, who had verbal commitments since they were 16 to solid D1 teams, and got de'coed on my kids jr team and other teams. It's a crazy process (watching it unfold now) and if you are on bubble at any level be prepared to get cut.

Re: Number of verbal commitment 2023 (04 kids)

Don’t get the verbal thing. Just another product of Facebook generation. Sprinting to the front of the marathon to get on to. These amazing institutions should be better than that but the truth is they are businesses and it’s free hype. No one focuses on just being good at what they do. Harvard is embarrassing themselves with their cash grab camp and million commitments