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Re: Most Idiotic Covid thing yet?

Trump is a jerk but at least the vaccines were produced under his time, not Bidens. Come to think of it, cant think of anything Biden has done since he inherited the vaccines to make things better.

Re: Most Idiotic Covid thing yet?

You cant be sirious. You vote the other way and right now you would have the Trump vaccine which most likely would be a combination of windex and hot sauce. Company producing it would of course go bankrupt and somehow that would would be Obama that caused it. I am honestly not a democrat or republican, and lean more towards republican most of the time but, what ever that was, had to stop. I agree the rules are dumb and there is no consistency or sense to most of it. It is an ilussion of control. This is a problem world wide, not just on a hockey rink. Every country is doing one form or another of dumb rules that are dragging this out. To me, 2 week shut down, after that wear masks indoors for 2 more weeks and then, oh well, I guess we cant control this thing.
We have the Trump vaccine you idiot. The one that he helped companies pave the way to get out in less than a year. The same vaccine that rambling Joe and cackling Kamala said they would not take if Trump was elected. The vaccine was not produced under the watch of our current overlords.

Oh I thought daddy Joe was going to end this virus. I'm sorry even with a vaccine we have had more "covid deaths"

Trump 2024

Re: Most Idiotic Covid thing yet?

This week, after 7 min warm ups and about 1 second before puck drop: Official steps out of face off dot and sends entire team to bench, then entire bench to locker room to get masks. Meanwhile, the other team had masks around their necks, while said official had his mask around his neck.
Team comes back and with masks around their necks (both teams) they play the entire game that way.
Who is the bigger idiot? The guy that told the ref to enforce this stupid *** rule or the ref for agreeing to enforce this stupid *** rule? Did the ref say fine i'll make em have em but i'm a ref not the mask police?
Such a joke.

Then the continued idiocy of letting these kids play a game for 2 hours but not shake hands after wards because they will all die and if they did not die they would surely bring covid home from the handshake line and kill their grandmother.
Soon I hope we can free and clear of these moronic and useless "guidelines and policies".

End of rant.
Let me guess....the CM/STJ game at the Warrior center last night? I was thinking the same thing.....UGH!

Re: Most Idiotic Covid thing yet?

Agreed. Minors have almost a statistically zero chance of getting seriously ill from COVID. They have a fair chance of getting a TBI, fracture or laceration in a hockey game, yet we’re all hung up on a face diaper. Abject buffoonery. I hate all of these COVID *****s. Leave me and my kid alone,