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Re: Austin prep

MC combines with Malden/Revere....

Re: Austin prep

AP had it's final hurrah when that goalie kid in the Dominik Hasek helmet / mask was there. What ever happened to that kid?

Re: Austin prep

It's embarrassing really. AP was outed, and now AD/coaches/parents are scrambling. Nothing good happens when you get in bed with RG. And the two coaches mentioned in the article? They're really good at cashing private skills and tournament team checks, but developing young boys? Hold your breath... see what happens.

But hey... if you're willing to cut a $25K check for a subpar private school education, you are very likely to cut a $25K check for subpar 'academy' hockey.

Re: Austin prep

Plays at Endicott

Re: Austin prep

He is on the team at Endicott, does not touch the ice. Shows your how competitive it is to play D-3 college hockey

Re: Austin prep

So plan has been in place for a while. And now with J McLean as the u18 coach rhe islanders an funnel more kids into ap and eentually the academy program