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Re: Comitted Players

The AHL guy's kid was -

3) The better than average kids who play in the right places; 4) True diamonds in the rough & 5) The late bloomer.

So yeah it was all just wandering through low level play.

Re: Comitted Players

I do agree there are kids that are real good or show stoppers etc that will be found.

I liked how you called out the defenseman/late bloomers, I do agree. I think this position gets overlooked in D1 public/CC hockey, I have not seen really good defenseman in this league that really stand out. I know there is a few at the younger ages, but they will probably move on. You see it the top prep teams a lot more or the top u16/u18 half season teams. aside from great decision making, selfless play, skating and transitioning - size will be the determining factor. You will start to get an idea at 17/18 maybe.