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Re: E9 Prep u15

Neither are leagues.

Beast will host 10 showcases. Beast associated teams pay per game and get a discount, favorable matchups and ice times. External teams such as E9 /EHF also pay per game but pay through the nose and get cruddy opponents and ice times. Teams are from all over and you wont play everyone else in the league like a traditional round robin league. Matchups are largely decided by MHR rankings.

E9 will host 3 or so showcase events and a playoff. External clubs are invited but events are usually 80% E9 teams. The league will not publish a league schedule that member clubs must adhere to. E9 teams will piece together independent schedules with whomever they choose throughout the season. Some teams such as SPA, Rats and BHA play in both. E9 teams will try to play each other at least once but rarely do.

E9 Prep playoffs are a joke, teams will play each other to varying degrees but final game count always varies. Teams like Rats and Thunderbirds wont play other E9 teams unless it's in a showcase. SPA and Mount refuse to travel for single games and will primarily play 80% of their games at home, forcing other E9 clubs to travel to them if they want a game where their local refs do a bang up job of stacking the deck. Mount forces teams to play 20 minute periods at home knowing good and well that it will help the rack up those double digit wins which help them keep pace with the Chicago Missions of the world on MHR. BHA stacks its schedule with travel tournaments and showcases as they have to justify their tuition costs to parents so it is very difficult to nail them down to play a game, but they will schedule you if they have an opening.

BA, Pats, Warriors, Wizards will play anyone anywhere. Although they aren't Beast teams they will play at Beast events if they need the game count.