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Re: Making clips from YouTube

Best bet is to get a go-pro or other recording device (they come with editing software). LiveBarn is a bit too clunky unfortunately, but can be used in a pinch.
If you are planning to record this year I would go with the gopro. You can pick up a used one for a few hundred bucks and their quality is incredible. Multiple editing software choices or just use quick which is free. If your only choice is off what you have on YouTube I would go with what the guy below suggested which is YouTube to MP3 and then edit. Look it up as it's not too difficult and will give you a good start.

Re: Making clips from YouTube

try 4k Downloader. will copy the video off YT so you can clip it locally.

If you're on a mac you can use cmd+shift+5 to record your screen. I'm sure PC will have an equivalent.

Re: Making clips from YouTube

YouCut app is super easy on the phone. Can download clips from livebarn or youtube and edit using that app.

Re: Making clips from YouTube

I convert from YouTube to MP3, just Google "YouTube to MP3 Converter" and you'll get a ton of results that do it over the web in seconds for free. I download the MP3 to my Mac & use iMovie to stitch and edit. I'm sure some of the other suggestions provide better results but I'm cheap and this is super easy.

Re: Making clips from YouTube

How about InStat, is that for clips or just statistics? Seems to be a bigger thing in the midwest but maybe I am just clueless.

Re: Making clips from YouTube

So my son has received calls from a few coaches asking for film from this year. I have no idea how to put this together, is there a good software that will take clips from Youtube to put into a new video? All of the games are on Youtube but there dosent seem to be a way to clip from the video. Any help appreciated.
Actually you can do it all from YouTube. Here is how I use it. Open up your channel where you have the videos. I happen to record the games and then drop the ones I want on my YouTube channel. Open your video and use the "edit" feature. ( you can Youtube how to edit videos from Youtube and it will walk you through everything). What I do is clip out all the stuff I dont want. You find the plays you want to save. Dont make then too long as most highlight vids total should only be about 2-3 minutes long total. Clip out everything prior and after the play until you find the next play you want to save. Essentially you are just clipping out everything you dont want. When you are done you may have a few minutes of just your players highlights. You can add audio or End slides to add player info etc. Next you want to look up how to "Splice" Youtube videos. Once you are in that mode you can just grab and drop your highlight video clips in the order you want so you are making one compilation video. Its not perfect but if you have some good video to start its pretty easy to develop a compilation video of highlights. When you email the coach back just copy and paste the final Youtube link to the video in your email. All he has to do is click on the link and the video will be in front of him ready to go. Hope that helps. There are a million ways to skin the cat but I found this pretty easy and with tons of info on Youtube on how to do it.